Ponti e Piazze

Among the most scenographic squares of the Eternal City and, probably, among the most famous squares in the world, Piazza Navona always strikes for its sober elegance, characteristic that makes it unique.

Between the Tiber Island and the “Ponte Palatino”, in the middle of the riverbed stands a very mysterious ruin. It is the last standing arches of the most ancient stonework bridge of the city of Rome.

It’s one of the most famous places of the Roman night life; destination for young people and tourists ‘Campo de’Fiori’ (literally ‘field of flowers’) is among the “loudest” areas of the city. A place of interest for people that want to stay up late eating and drinking, or just talking underneath the statue of Giordano Bruno located in the middle of the square. An unfounded legend wants this area to take its name from a noble Roman lady (Flora) who lived in this area during the I century A.D. and was thought to be loved by Pompey.

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