I have always been fascinated by everything related to art, with all its facets and the various fields in which it is represented.

Hello everyone, I'm Jack!
I'm a 22 years old musician from Italy and I play the guitar since I was 10.
Through my entire life I've always had a strong bond with the instrument which helped me grow and forget about dark times and bad days.


 I was born, in the heart of Salento, it was a day in August. When I was ten years old my mother picked the right book: not that complex to get me bored, neither so simple to humiliate me. I didn’t stop reading since then. At fifteen years of age I’ve had things to say. So I wrote a short novel. Then I’ve had nothing to say for thirty years.

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Ma se siamo così diversi, perché i nostri sentimenti, le nostre parole, le nostre famiglie si assomigliano tanto?