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The Vicus Caprarius – The City of Water

THE VICUS CAPRARIUS – THE CITY OF WATER Just a few steps from the splendid and legendary Trevi Fountain, but far from the constant chaos of the area, the beautiful yet unknown “Vicus Caprarius”, the City of Water, strikes for the magic atmosphere that it manages to create all around it.


Opere D'Arte


Absolute masterpiece of the Renaissance art and evident example of the Italian ingenuity, the temple of Bramante is one of the most popular and admired works of the history of architecture.




Between history and myth, we are used to set the establishment of the Eternal City on the 21st of April, 753 B.C. Obviously this is a conventional date, linked more to tradition than reality.


Ponti e Piazze

The Cursed Bridge

Between the Tiber Island and the “Ponte Palatino”,...


Opere D'Arte

Bernini's Intuition

One of the greatest and more brilliant artists to ...


Chiese e Basiliche

St. Charles at the Four Fontains

One of the most extraordinary works of the Baroque...


Chiese e Basiliche

San Pietro -The Dimension

Saint Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest build...


Veronica Gallo

I have always been fascinated by everything related to art, with all its facets and the various fields in which it is represented.

Jack JD

Hello everyone, I'm Jack! I'm a 22 years old musician from Italy and I play the guitar since I was 10. Through my entire life I've always had a strong bond with the instrument which helped me grow and forget about dark times and bad days.

La Famiglia Della Quercia

BIOGRAPHY  I was born, in the heart of Salento, it was a day in August. When I was ten years old my mother picked the right book: not that complex to get me bored, neither so simple to humiliate me. I didn’t stop reading since then. At fifteen years of age I’ve had things to say. So I wrote a short novel. Then I’ve had nothing to say for thirty years.

B&B trattoria La Villetta

B&B Ristorante La Villetta

AL Biscione

There is no translation available.Uno dei Bar più caratteristici di Roma.

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