B&B trattoria La Villetta

B&B Ristorante La Villetta

When planning a stay in full relax, you always have to decide whether to choose the countryside, the seaside, the artistic-monumental cities, the hills or the mountain landscape. Choosing the wrong place for your stay when you are far from your job, from the stress and from the many problems that occur daily is certainly of the worst things that could happen if you don’t want to run the risk of going back to work or going back to your normal life even more tired and mentally frustrated, with the consequence of having wasted time and money, without having the opportunity to enjoy the positivity and the psychological relax that only a full-blown stay can give.
We all know how important this can be and for this matter we are pleased to welcome in our accommodation everyone who dream of spending an unforgettable holiday for its uniqueness. Just over 80 km from Rome the “Eternal City”, exactly in the Anienes’ Valley (tributary of the Tiber River) situated over a mountainous promontory, at a 900 meters height you’ll find the B&B Trattoria la Villetta.
As soon as you get there, you’ll find yourself immersed in a corner of paradise surrounded by a landscabe full of flora and fauna which are characteristic of the place and that you can easily admire from our panoramic terrace with lawn overlooking the small town of Jenne situated in the valley below, laying down sipping a nice drink by the warm sun of the morning or by the sunset, when the moon and the starry sky dominate the territory creating a ‘One Thousand and One Night’ type of atmosphere.
The building is situated on three levels and, being ina mountainous area at 1.100 meters of height, is characterized by a style and furnishings typical of the mountains.
At the ground floor you can find the tavern where you can taste the typical products of the place and also enjoy some time with the friendly owners.
Talking about the first floor there are 4 double bedrooms and 2 shared toilets.
At the second floor we have 2 more double bedrooms with one bathroom per room and, thanks to their placement, the customers can admire from the windows, every detail of the surrounding breathtaking landscape.
The territory, full of history starting from the Ancient Roman Civilization all the way to the Medieval Popes Era and the rich and uncontaminated nature, will leave an indelible mark in the heart and in the soul of the visitor, thus allowing to experience a stay in full relaxation, one of those that will make you peace with the world and with yourself.

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