Raden A22 Carry-on Luggage, Black Gloss

The Raden A22 is defined by its sleek design and a classy look.

Latest Hi-Tech Luggage Of 2018 - SuperbleThis suitcase is equipped with 2 inbuilt USB ports to charge 2 phones simultaneously. It also has an inbuilt scale to prevent over-packing. Once you download the Raden app, it will activate the GPS enable tracking function of your suitcase. Imagine, being able to track your luggage halfway across the world!

  • Highest quality parts: 100% polycarbonate shells, 4 silent spinner wheels, water proof zipper, integrated TSA lock and more. Balancing beauty and durability, and made from only best in class parts.
  • Portable Power: 7800mah integrated portable power bank, with 2 external USB ports to charge all your devices on the go
  • Weight Sensing: weight sensing carry handle means you just need to lift your Raden to know its weight
  • Location Tracking: using Bluetooth Low Energy technology, track where your Raden has been and pick up its location when not in range through a crowd generated mesh network
  • Outer dimension:22" x 14" x 8";Inner dimension:19" x 13" x 4";Capacity:35 Liters.
  • Cabin luggage approved for Easyjet and British Airways (not exceeding 56x45x25 cm)



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