Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s next phone is here! Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, the all new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today's always-on, mobile world

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With the power of 512GB storage built in — expandable up to 512GB more — you'll have almost a terabyte of space for what matters

Optimized for Gaming,level up your mobile gaming experience. The water-carbon cooling system on Galaxy Note9 sustains high performance during game time by preventing overheating of the cutting-edge processor that cuts down on lag. Plus, the AI-based performance adjuster ensures your game stays smooth, not sluggish.

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Lastly, an additional point to note about the Note 9's build quality is that the device is also IP68 water and dust resistant, which for a device that costs nearly £900 in its base configuration are qualities that are definitely most welcome. In no way should this device like this ever come into contact with water, or large piles of dust, but it feels good to know that  the phone has this official certification in its locker.


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