Mi Laptop Air

Mi Laptop Air 

Ultra performance in an ultra-light package


Uncompromising performance in an ultra light, ultra thin body.

Mi Laptop Air features a 13.3" display 

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and full-sized keyboard in a full metal body. Despite how thin it looks, it is deceptive powerful with up to 

3x higher processing speeds, 15% faster RAM speeds, and 2.1x times higher graphics performance on a 
dedicated graphics card. Protected with edge-to-edge glass protection for its fully laminated display 
and comes with dual-band Wi-Fi.

By combining a highly sophisticated motherboard, fully laminated display, and high density battery, Mi 
Laptop Air delivers on uncompromising performance while staying thin and light. Picks up easily with 
one hand and fits comfortably in most computer bags.

Performance and memory

Heavy weight performance, without the weight

A performance that's top of its class, Mi Laptop Air includes a 6th-gen Intel® Core™ i5 Processor, DDR4 
RAM, PCIe SSD, dedicated graphics card, and GDDR5 SDRAM. Even when editing videos or playing games, 
it executes intensive tasks with ease.

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