Veronica Gallo

I have always been fascinated by everything related to art, with all its facets and the various fields in which it is represented.


Since I was a child, my dream has been to be part of this wonderful world and to share my passion with others, every time I decide to wear something or to express my feelings and my way of being with my body.

I was born in Rome on the          , I took my first steps in the art world doing some fashion shows as a child for some companies (small companies) for which I’ve worked, all done in an amateur way and without any commitment, just for the desire to do it and to feel good about myself as at that moment I felt fulfilled and I was taking the first steps towards my dream.

I kept on doing some small fashion shows over the years, until I decided to turn my gaze and my thoughts on everything that revolves around the world of fashion, and in particular to those who can, with their shots, immortalize the sensations, feelings and professionalism of a model in a shot.

I was beginning to grow up and feel like a woman, feeling the need to strongly express my nature, my way of being, my sensations and my feelings.Ultimately, art is also this, communicating what you want to say to others in a non-verbal way and immortalizing your whole world in one click, in that second, or rather, in that split second.

Strengthened by this thought of mine, I began to give life to my art, collaborating with amateur and semi-professional photographers for whom I’ve posed for several shots, managing to bring out, with their skills and professionalism, my true soul and my feeling of being a woman .

For this reason I’ve decided to create my blog, my personal page, in order to share with those who follow me also through my social channels, all my art and passion for fashion and photography, making you participate and at the same time letting you enter my life, all in a CLICK.

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