La Famiglia Della Quercia


 I was born, in the heart of Salento, it was a day in August. When I was ten years old my mother picked the right book: not that complex to get me bored, neither so simple to humiliate me. I didn’t stop reading since then. At fifteen years of age I’ve had things to say. So I wrote a short novel. Then I’ve had nothing to say for thirty years.

I’ve read a lot, always, everyday, but I didn’t write a single word. I graduated because of the opportunity I had to do it, with no passion. I’ve served the State, for some decades, without ever finding my dimension. It was like I let myself live. Comes to my mind a verse by Valerio Negrini which renders the idea perfectly: “...So I too have made the new seasons pass through me in silence without living. My fantasy has bowed its head, dispelling the anxiety that would be mine, to collect air dialogues and make poetry out of them. "

When I was fourtyfive years old I discover happiness: I become a father. My soul shakes: cobwebs and rust cloud the air around it. With the goal to produce “ultra biological” fruits and vegetables for my son, I’ve started to take care of a family farm. The contact with the ground, the fatigue, the sweat will give me that serenity which helps, even if tired, to sleep tight. I discover new things: the connection between the ground, the nature, the people and the universe. The simple things satisfy me. I leave the public administration. I finally have something to say: I start writing again. Two novels in vernacular see the light, they will be rapresented with success through all Salento. Soon after, a novel for kids (starting from ten to one-hundred years old) was born: “The Oak Family”. The relationship with the nature and the centrality of the family are always present in my lines. The research for God, a peaceful relationship withe death, adventure, love, the nice smell of the woods and forests, the relationship between the essential and the joy of existing alternate and join themselves in my pages and in my life.


The main character leads us into his life as a child whose daily life, at the beginning of World War One, is marked by the call to the frontline of his beloved father. Only the positivity and the stubbornness of his eleven years of age can break down the obstacles and distances that separate them: this is how we are accompained on an advanturous journey through woods and forests in which each episode is transformed into a irreplaceable life lesson for Luigino and the other eight orphans who will share his fate.

Between the lines together with the air of the woods we can breathe brotherhood, wickedness, fear, courage, faith and first love, making them on a new life with a broad, understanding and serene soul. A novel that speaks with simplicity to each one of our hearts, yound and old, awakening feelings that are dormant from haste of everyday’s life.

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